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Serving the world, touching the world with strength and reputation Release date: 【2018-12-20】 / Views: 【5116】次

The logistics center under the branch of high performance plastics adopts the most advanced technology, implements the latest safety standards, combines the narrow channel technology and the Sitong Fork Stacker to achieve reasonable space utilization. The logistics centre under this branch is one of the largest warehousing facilities in Europe for semi-finished thermoplastic products. Modern order picking technology and abundant inventory products always ensure the availability of products, thus shortening the delivery cycle. Our delivery team is responsible for the delivery of the goods in a professional and safe way.

The idea of managing warehouse independently realizes reliable and flexible operation of warehouse. In addition, order picking equipment and radio terminals are used to ensure that all operations go smoothly. We are responsible for arranging professionals throughout the process chain to ensure that materials are properly handled in accordance with the principles of faster, better and more efficient.

Whether now or in the future, the branch of high performance plastics will successfully overcome various logistics challenges, maintain the status of one-stop professional partners, and provide you with reliable services.

As the product line-up continues to expand, we will continue to invest in improving our warehousing capacity. Therefore, in the future, all products will enjoy a very short delivery cycle to meet or even exceed customer expectations.

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