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Enterprise introduction

2000 - Promotion of Rolls Collar Composite (Synthetic Stone) in Germany

Shenzhen Pingmao Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2001

2001-2006 Acting American Merchant Terida X-Ray Automatic Inspection Machine

2001-2006 Acting for MICRO-TEC High Precision Printing Machine Equipment

Research and Development of Automation Equipment (Automatic Plate Planting Machine, Re-inspection Machine, Labeling Machine, Suction Nozzle Testing Machine, etc.) and Application of Robot Loading from 2008 to 2018

2008-2010 Acting Korea WINTEC Component Appearance Inspection Machine and German Rolls Collar Engineering Plastics (POM, PVDF, PEEK)

2018 - Acting for German Rolls Collar Engineering Plastics (Ceramic PEEK, PEI, ESD90 PEEK)

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