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Amorphous thermoplastic, transparent, with a small amount of brown

Product characteristics:

1. Extremely strong fire resistance and very low smoke emission

2. Good thermoforming and machinability

3. Good weldability and low coefficient of thermal expansion

4. Good dimensional stability at high temperature

5. High continuous operating temperature

6. High dielectric/insulation strength, almost unchanged in wide temperature and point frequency range


1. Parts meeting special requirements of fire protection and mechanical strength

2. Electrical and electronic industries

For example: high-voltage short circuit housing, microwave oven components, plug connections, wiring boards

3. Medical Technology

For example: instrument handle, adapter

4. Aircraft Construction

For example: cabin panel

Inventory specifications:

Extrusion board S6... 100mm 2.000*620mm

1.000*620 mm 3.000*620 mm

1.000mm/2.000mm/3.000mm round bar

6 200mm...

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