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PEEK UD 28-Ceramic PEEK
Ceramic modification is added to improve dimensional stability and processing performance. It is suitable for high precision test socket special materials.
The minimum processing aperture can reach 0.1MM. It has high modulus of elasticity and very low water absorption. Non-flammable, self-extinguishing, excellent sliding characteristics
Property, abrasion resistance.

Product characteristics:

1. High-precision test socket for special processing of micro-holes, the minimum processing aperture can reach 0.1MM, and the processing of holes is stable, with very few burrs.

2. The special performance of SUSTAPEEK < UD 28 effectively improves the stability and economic benefits of test equipment production.

3. High-precision test socket, even if the processing of single micro-hole is not up to standard, will lead to the complete scrap of the whole product. SUSTAPEEK < UD28 effectively reduces the risk of damage to the whole product caused by the improper processing of single micro-hole.

4. The test socket made of SUSTAPEEK < UD 28 material is tested for optical positioning. The results show that the hole positioning is particularly accurate, which highlights the material's low stress and excellent machinability.

5. Even if the temperature is as high as 250 C, it can still maintain a very high dimensional stability application area:

1. Parts that need to be exposed to high temperature, mechanical load or X-ray or gamma-ray conditions.

2. Semiconductor Industry, Aviation Industry, Electronics Industry 3. Medical Equipment, Mechanical Engineering

Inventory specifications:

Extrusion board S 3... 100mm 2.000*620mm 300*150mm

1.000*620 mm 3.000*620 mm

Mold Plate S 1... 10mm 1000*2000mm



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