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Semicrystalline Thermoplastic
Product characteristics:

1. Excellent dimensional stability

2. Non-flammable, self-extinguishing

3. Excellent sliding and wear resistance

4. Achieve the perfect balance of stiffness, tensile strength and impact resistance

5. Good solderability

6. Excellent dimensional stability under heating conditions

7. Low linear thermal expansion coefficient

8. Good electrical insulation in large temperature range


1. Parts requiring exposure to high temperatures, mechanical loads or X-ray or gamma-ray conditions

The 2. antenna electron transport. Medical technology, aerospace industry, chemical industry

For example: electric insulator and shell, wire and cable insulation, rotor arm, friction disc and seal

Shock absorber, analysis of equipment components, dialysis equipment components, water pump, valve lining

Stock specifications:

S 5 100mm 2.000*620mm Extrusion board...

1.000*620mm 3.000*620mm

S1 10mm 1000*2000mm molded plate...

Round bar 1.000mm/2.000mm/3.000mm

5 200mm...

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