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Application of Plastics in Electronic Industry Release date: 【2018-12-20】 / Views: 【3297】次

In addition to the basic requirements of mechanical strength, heat resistance and easy forming, the requirements for electrical properties of materials used in manufacturing various components of electronic and electrical equipment vary greatly according to their different uses.

In the electronic industry, a large number of plastics are used as insulating materials. It is hoped that under high temperature and high frequency, the insulation resistance will be high and the dielectric properties will be stable. For the electronic equipment with electromagnetic wave transmission, it is necessary to have a certain conductivity of plastics to conduct and shield electromagnetic wave, because it does not let electromagnetic wave radiate to the surrounding environment, but also to block the interference of external electromagnetic wave to the normal operation of electronic equipment. One of the advantages is that it is light in weight and easy to process, but because of the non-conductivity of polymer compounds, it is a novel material to extend the lightness and function of electronic equipment if it can be improved in composition or molecular structure; magnetic plastics with certain magnetic field strength can replace natural magnets, and it is also a new material pursued by the electronic industry.

Therefore, the application of plastics with insulation, shielding, conductivity and magnetic conductivity in the electronic industry is listed and analyzed, which is a kind of promotion for the producers of materials and a kind of mutual exchange and reference for the users of materials.

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